Unified Communications

3CX, provided by MKAS, includes a full suite of communications features without
the need for additional downloads, add-ons or purchases. 

Phone System

World class, globally accessible, hosted phone system available on any device at any time

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging for your team and organisation.  Available on any device, at any time

Website Chat

Click2Talk services allow for to connect with your customers through your website

Web Meeting

Engage your meeting participants with HD voice and video, and screen / document sharing

Your brand, your numbers, from anywhere

Our Unified Communications offering can provide you with inbound telephone numbers (DIDs) for any Australian State and/or Territory, and we can provide as many as you like!

Further to that, we also offer a great rate on inbound 1300 and 1800 numbers, and can also organise your phone-words number for you too!  Imagine, having your own branded 1300/1800 number like 1300 MY BRAND.

We can also provide inbound numbers for a variety of global locations too.  That’s one phone system, with the ability to have inbound numbers worldwide!

One Extension, Endless Possibilities

3CX, provided by MKAS, includes a full suite of communications features without the need for additional downloads, add-ons or purchases.

Softphones for Windows and Mac, apps for iOS and Android, and a web-based client work seamlessly together for unbeatable connectivity and mobility.

Users can make and receive calls, view the presence of colleagues, schedule conferences, take part in web meetings, transfer calls and more, all from the palm of their hand.

Safe, Secure, Straightforward

We have integrated the most advanced and up-to-date security protocols and technologies into 3CX, safeguarding your communications against all types of attacks.

The PBX offers easy to enable and manage security features such as global IP blacklisting, SRTP encryption, automation detection of SIP attack tools, provisioning of phones through HTTP, SSL connectivity, and an A+ rating from SSL labs to boot.

All of this is combined with bulletproof web server configuration for your peach of mind.

Integrated Video Conferencing

3CX harnesses Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology, which enables high-quality video and voice communications to take place through your web browser.

Participants will be able to seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional software or plug-ins, enabling a better user experience for your customers and employees.

3CX’s video conferencing is feature-rich and user-friendly. Participants can enjoy video communication without the need to log in anywhere and easy setup of ad-hoc meetings makes launching conferences ever so easy for both participants or organisers – employees can even use their mobile devices to join meetings.

Instant Messaging / Text Chat

Allow employees to communicate together via text messaging, without the need to rely on third-party internet messaging systems or give out personal phone numbers.

3CX users can send and receive text messages to other 3CX users via the 3CX web, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps from anywhere – a true unified communications solutions

Turn Visitors into Conversions

The 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin allows your website visitors to chat and call your company in real-time. No need to call your landline number – they can connect with a single click. Connect visitors to your call centre or sales team and watch conversion rates skyrocket! Calls are forwarded to your phone system free of charge using WebRTC technology.

Keep all your communications on one platform and save admin time, learning curve and monthly subscriptions! Your agents will love it and so will your customers!

The average website visitor will only stay on your site for 15 seconds and most websites have a 20%-40% bounce rate – that’s a lot of missed potential.

While there are many chat plugins available, only 3CX offers you the ability to elevate chats with your website visitors to voice or video calls – ‘cause sometimes text chat just isn’t enough!

Next Generation Call Centre

Simple, intuitive call centre management offers the information required to monitor call queues in real-time, ensuring that not a single inbound call is lost.

3CX call centre software ensures you provide your customers with quality service, and that your agents always reach their targets. Check the average and longest waiting times as well as the least talk time to guarantee no customer leaves your call centre unsatisfied.

3CX Pro and above provides you with all the tools you need to review your agents’ performance, allowing you to ensure that your call centre is running smoothly at any given time.

Your System, Your Way

Here at MKAS, we know what our valued clients want, and that is simple, no fuss services that just work.  Well, we provide fully managed 3CX services, allowing you to focus on running your business, rather than making sure your phones are working.

We also know that some people like to tinker and administer their own services – we also have options for that too!

3CX has one of the simplest interfaces on the market to administer, allowing you to create your own extensions and manage your own PBX on your terms… If you want to that is.

Communications that won’t break the bank

Traditional phone systems or black box appliances are difficult to scale. Add more extensions and you are hit by licensing costs, underpowered hardware or you run out of ports.

Cloud PBXs are all the rage but they can lock you into expensive per extension and per-minute pricing…Not so with 3CX! 

Remote workers or employees on the go can make telephone calls free of charge with the 3CX softphone and mobile application. Easily connect the telephone systems of remote offices, improve communication, and make interoffice phone calls free. International DIDs and IP Telephony allow customers to call you cheaply, increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition to the many features built to boost productivity, enhance customer service and increase efficiency, 3CX’s Unified Communications system will also cut your telco costs in half with IP communications and SIP trunking.

Feature Sets

Core Features
Standard Enterprise
Unlimited Extensions
Voicemail to email
Instant Messaging
Video Calling
Fax Service
Call Forwarding
Intercom / Paging
Call Park / Pickup
Voicemail Transcription
Standard Enterprise
Auto Attendant
Ring Extension & Mobile
Web Client
Mobile Clients
Company Directory
Office 365 Sync
CRM Integration
Web Conference Dial In
Web Conference Seats 25 250
Call Centre
Standard Enterprise
Call Logging
Website Chat
Call Queue
Real-time Statistics
Supervisor Override
SLA Alerting
Call Back
Call Record Search
Barge In
Listen In
Enterprise Features
Standard Enterprise
Call Flow Designer
Hot Desking
Remote Office Connecting
Call Recording
Call Recording Controls
Skill-based Routing

Devices & Hardware

As authorised resellers of Grandstream and Jabra devices, we are able to provide telephony hardware to complement your unified communications needs.

We have a range of desk phones from the basic right through to enterprise and receptionist phones, as well as Bluetooth headsets and conferencing phones.

All our devices are plug-and-play compliant with the 3CX platform and can be purchased outright, or as additions to your managed services, allowing you to spread the cost of the purchase over 12 months.

For more information on our devices, check out the Grandstream website for phones, and Jabra for headsets.

Want to know more, maybe a free trial?

We are happy to provide a free, 30 day, no-obligation trial of our hosted 3CX services.  We can also provide a free comparison of your current phone bill against what your like MKAS bill would be.