Virtual Meeting & Conferencing Rooms by MKAS


High-quality, low-latency audio


Multiple users can share their webcams

No Downloads

No software or apps to download


Secure your room in your way

Demonstration Server

We have setup a demonstration server allowing for self-registration and trialling of the Meet platform.

More than just a video conference

Our Meet platform offers a comprehensive suite of features making it well suited to host one on one meetings, large group meetings and online training or workshops.

It includes everything you’d expect from video conferencing – video, audio and screen share – as well as collaboration tools such as breakout rooms, shared chat, direct messaging, recording capabilities and complete moderation by the meeting host (or their delegates).

Discuss & Collaborate

Meet includes a multi-user whiteboard, allowing users to annotate on a shared screen in real-time.  Poll your users with our intuitive smart polling functionality to really see what your viewers think.

Shared notes allow all users to collaborate in shared note pad, which can then be later downloaded in a variety of formats.

Communicate with participants through public and private text chat.

Take Control

Take control of your room with a range of security and control features, just for room owners and moderators.

Protect your room with a viewer pin, add a meeting room lobby and require acceptance to join – you control how your attendees join your room.

Enhanced user control with functions such as attendee muting and locking.


Meet Breakout rooms allow users to be involved in their own little breakout sessions away from the main group.  

Create multiple breakout rooms, assign a session timer, choose which attendees join each room, or better still – have Meet randomly assign attendees to rooms – it’s all in your control.

Record & Playback

Record your sessions for playback later.  

Using the webm format in your web browser, you are able to share and view your recorded sessions in a simple web-browser, allowing your viewers to see webcams, presentations, polls, and hear all audio.


For one

Single rooms allocated to individual users.  Great for sole traders, or those who are only needing a single space.

For more

Your own dedicated server with user management!  Perfect for organisations with staff who all need Meet access.

For Education

Integrated with most major Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Moodle & Canvas


Designed for once-off meetings. Managed services included dedicated staff and additional inclusions.

Meet for Education

For Educators

Meet enlables you to share your audio, slides, video, and desktop with students. Built-in polling makes it easy to engage students and recording your classes means that you can make them available for later review

When using the whiteboard tool in Meet, annotations are automatically displayed back to the students in real-time. Presenters also have the ability to zoom, highlight, draw and write on presentations making your points clearer to remote students.

For Institutions

Meet is integrated with all major Learning Management Systems, including: Atutor, Canvas, Chamilo, Drupal, Docebo, Fedena, Foswiki, Jenzabar, LTI, Moodle, RedMine, Sakai, Schoology, SmartClass, Tiki Wiki, WordPress.

If your instituation is not yet ready for online learning, let us know, and we can help get you all setup and running!

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